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A new way to automate online fundraising that's easier than ever before

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Save time and money on fundraising through automated email and social media campaigns

Make Your Data Work for You

Using data you already have, Rescue Toolkit generates custom content and campaigns.

Automated Custom Content

Rescue Toolkit creates professional emails, newsletters and flyers, then prompts you to approve sending them out to your community.


Activate Your Network

Rescue Toolkit nurtures and grows your network of volunteers, adopters and donors through consistent, professional communication.



Efficient. Effective. Easy to Use


Fast Set Up

We'll work with your current system to easily integrate Rescue Toolkit and provide one-on-one training and support along the way.


Easy Access

Rescue Toolkit works in your web browser, on your mobile phone or tablet.



Get notified when pre-made, professional fundraising campaigns and flyers are ready to send out.


Types of Automated Content

Notification Screen Mock Up



View and print pre-made reports for donation summaries, Shelter Animals Count, campaign progress and more. 

Example Pic 2_cropped.jpg



Send "Adoptaversary" campaign emails automatically on the anniversary of adoptions.

Example Pic 3_cropped.jpg



Easily post professional quality flyers to social media about your rescue animals.

  • What is Rescue Toolkit?
    A new way to automate online fundraising that's easier than ever before! Rescue Toolkit is a fundraising tool built specifically for animal rescue organizations to help them save time and money on fundraising. We always offer our services to rescues for FREE because we believe in their mission and want to support their lifesaving work. We want to give animal lovers a simple way to support rescue organizations, and empower rescue organizations to easily run fundraising campaigns and connect with their communities.
  • How much does Rescue Toolkit cost?
    The use of the Rescue Toolkit platform is free for animal rescue organizations. We ask for an optional tip from donors when they make their donations online to support the cost of creating and maintaining our software. We use this funding to run our platform and provide this service for FREE to rescue organizations, so they can spend more time and money on animals in need. We also offer campaign consulting services for an additional fee. If you're interested in our consulting services, please send us an email at
  • How does Rescue Toolkit collect donations?
    Stripe Connect securely processes donations and distributes them to the rescue organizations without ever sending them to us. This ensures the full donation goes to the rescue organization and the donor receives a receipt for their tax deductible donation.
  • Why build a tool for rescues?
    From our experience and a survey of over 200 rescue organizations in the US, we know that: - rescues are doing amazing and important work - rescues are often run exclusively by volunteers - resources are spent on saving lives leaving little bandwidth for communication and fundraising projects - with nearly 7 million animals entering shelters and rescues per year in the US, there isn't ever enough time Our goal is to increase the number of donations received by rescue organizations while decreasing the time and resources it takes to get them so that animal rescues can take care of and place more animals.
  • Who are we?
    Rescue Toolkit is run by a team of animal fosters and lovers who want to use their skills to solve animal homelessness. Our mission is to create tools that make it easier to connect the resources of animal lovers with the heroes working in animal welfare, so we can all help end animal homelessness. With over 20 years in non-profit communications and project management experience, we've designed a tool that will help improve quality of life for rescue animals and those working tirelessly to save them. Rescue Toolkit is about our passion for helping rescue animals get the care they need and find loving forever homes. We were runners up in the NYPL New York StartUP! 2019 Business Plan Competition and came in 3rd place in the 2019 New York SBDC Pitch Competition.
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